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Just south of the Main Street bridge, on the banks of the Salmon River, in mid-village Malone, NY, stand the ruins of one of the area’s oldest business enterprises, the Horton Mill. Originally constructed in 1803, the first mill was washed into the river. The second was razed in1853. Over the next three years, the current structure was erected. From 1856 on, the mill ground the grains grown in the surrounding area into flour, literally the Bread of Life for this part of the North Country, for some 80 years. Now, despite its location at the very center of Malone, the mill and surrounding area have been abandoned to the elements, the last remnants resisting final destruction as a silent witness to the craftsmanship and enterprise of our ancestors.

     Now the North Star of the Adirondacks Foundation is attempting to save what remains of the Mill, and transform it into a symbol of the North Country’s vision and character.

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