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The Sandbar on Chateaugay Lake

Every lake around the Adirondacks and the rest of the world has its most popular spots. It may be the view, the way the water is, the fish, or all of the above. Our favorite spot on Chateaugay Lake is definitely the sandbar. What makes it so popular? Keep reading to find out!

The sandbar is located in the upper lake portion of Chateaugay Lake. It is a naturally occurring island that sits right between the narrows and the upper lake, so it is reached solely by boat.

Sporting Fun

Each summer there is a volleyball net set up to be enjoyed by all, so bring a ball for the crew and partake in a little friendly competition. The breeze and soft sand make it ideal for enjoying a nice beach volleyball game in the middle of the lake. If volleyball isn't your thing, bring a baseball and a glove to enjoy America's favorite pastime. Of course there are always the more traditional lake sports that happen here. Kayakingswimming -- you know the deal.

Lake goers can also enjoy other popular lawn games, such as horseshoes, kanjam, and more. We like to bring a frisbee to toss around with our furry friends, who are always welcome here. They really enjoy splashing around in the water as well. 

Getting There

A good way to get to the sandbar is to bring your boat to the beautiful boat launch, which has two bays. When you leave the boat launch, take a left and head down that part of the lake -- not far from there is Camp Chateaugay, on your right. This is easy to notice as it is a summer camp for kids and there are tons of lake toys outside their dining hall area. Continue until you see a small island with trees and a camp on it on your left. Drive to the left of that island and the sandbar will be in your direct path. Simply pull your boat right up to the beach and run right into the sand. The waves and the sand will keep you parked while you enjoy the fun.

Sit Back and Relax

Like almost any other beach, Chateaugay Lake's sandbar is a perfect place to relax. We like to pack a picnic and enjoy it on the boat parked on the side. This gives you an ideal spot to take in other folks playing volleyball at the nearby net. Sometimes we even bring a grill to cook up some hot dogs and burgers for the ideal summer snack. The view of the mountains in the background creates a soothing place to read a book on the end of the sandbar, which is usually more relaxed and quiet. Even if you are not a reader, you can always just soak up the sunshine and work on your tan while you listen to the waves crashing in.

Stay Entertained

If you are lucky, you may catch a day where musicians park their boats and put on an impromptu concert for your entertainment. Who doesn't love a sunset that is accompanied by the sound of live acoustic music? We sure love these nights! This is also a great spot to view some of the locals putting on their very own fireworks displays on a beautiful summer night. Watch them reflect off of the lake while you sit with your feet in the sand.

To Infinity and Beyond

All right, maybe not as far as infinty, but it does feel a bit like it. The sandbar extends beyond the beach, so it feels like you can walk for an endless distance with water just up to your knees. Some of us even like to set our chairs on this part and sit in the water to stay refreshed.

It is rare that the sandbar is not filled with smiling faces. People from all over the country, and the world, come to Chateaugay Lake every summer. It's always nice to meet new, friendly faces, no matter where you go. Hop into a volleyball game, discuss the fish you caught earlier on the lake, then head into town afterward for a nice dinner. Your first visit will surely not be your last!

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