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School's Out -- free family fun

The kids are out of school and it's time to go on that end-of-the-school-year family trip. Grab your crew and come spend some time with us. This summer, why not come take advantage of the fun activities we have in the greater Malone area? Whether you bring a tent, camper, or a suitcase for your hotel, we want to show you some of the exciting free adventures that await here. We've started you off 10, but the fun definitely does not end there. Explore the website to find more fun ideas.

1. Explore Malone Walk / Bike Challenge

The Malone Complete Streets organization has put together a list of fun hiking and biking routes for the entire family. It does not matter what your ability level is with these trips, as they are low impact and around town. Explore the sights of Malone and see how many of these challenges you can accomplish with your family. If you don't plan on bringing your bike, there are walking routes as well. You won't want to miss this opportunity!

2. Malone's Art Galleries

Browse through Malone's art galleries with your family to look through the eyes of some of our favorite local artists. The list goes on when you add photography, paintings, sculptures, hand-crafted jewelry, and so much more. Come and chat with the artists about what it is that gave them their wonderful ideas for each piece of work. Our artists are sure to surprise you. The galleries often host yoga and open mic nights as well. Don't miss out.

3. Paddle Our Lakes

With breathtaking views of the mountains creating picture perfect backdrops, our lakes and ponds are perfect for your free family outting. Throw the whole family in a conoe and work on some fun family bonding and togetherness, or you can each grab your own kayak or paddleboard to see who can get around the pond the fastest. Stop on the shore for a beautiful family photo and a picninc and you won't even have to say cheese for the photo, the smiles will be all natural.

4. Concerts in the Park

Every Friday in July, you and the family can enjoy the musical stylings of some of our favorite local groups. This year, the concerts feature the Lou Daques Band, Thirty1 and Mandolin, the Buscoe Bandits, and the Durham County Poets. Bring a blanket and/or lawn chair and relax to the sweet sounds of Malone. Bring dinner along and rest on one of the many park benches before the show starts. The park is also walking distance away from some of our Main Street dining options.

5. Malone Memorial Recreation Park Fun Runs

The truth about these exciting races can be found in the name. This is a great way to get out and get some exercise while exploring the Malone Memorial Recreation Park by foot. Start your little ones off on the early races in the evening and cheer them on as they take on the kids course. As the age groups and distances get higher, join your teens in a run or participate in the adult races. This is fun for the whole family and something you can say you completed and accomlished together. This fun competition will leave you wanting to come back for more.

6. Architectural Heritage Walk

The beauty lies deep within the buildings here in Malone. When we say that, we mean it quite literally: The beauty above ground is a treat to the eyes and allows architectural interests to flare; however, a few of our buildings have a historical secret they are hiding below the surface. The Underground Railroad and those who helped create it frequented Malone, and there is still evidence of that today. If you are a history fan, architecture intellectual, or you just find older buildings to be a beautiful sight, check out the routes that we have, where you can see them all for yourself.

7. Fishing the Salmon River

Starting south of Malone in Chasm Falls and running straight through the heart of Main Street to the north, the Salmon River gives us a lot of elbow room to fish with our families. Who will catch the biggest fish? You will have to find out! The banks of the river are blossoming with beauty this time of year, so sit back, relax, toss in your line, and don't walk away empty handed.

8. Hiking Elephant Head Mountain

This is most definitely a family friendly hike to the top of Elephant Head Mountain. You do not need to be an expert hiker to compkete this hike -- children of all ages enjoy this mountain's summitt on a regular basis. Throw some trail mix in your bag, grab a water bottle and camera, and head up Route 30 to park the car and hike to the top. Oh, the memories you will make here in Malone when you check this one off of your list.

9. The VIC Free Weekend Hikes

On some weekends, the VIC will offer their nature hikes free of charge, so trick the family into learning something new by hiding the education with a fun walk. The VIC has some of the coolest and most interesting trails you can interract with. These aren't your normal trails through the forest -- they are informative and fun all at the same time. They now have a walk that plays music at certain points along the way. It is perfectly choreographed for your individual enjoyment. There is something neat around every corner of the VIC!

10. The Malone Memorial Recreation Park

The Malone Memorial Recreation Park is the ideal family stop this summer in Malone. It is last on our list but certainly not least. You can swim in the pond with a lifeguard on duty, play on the playground, explore the trails, play tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, pickleball, and beach volleyball. Grab a picninc basket and sit at a picnoc table by the pond while the kids enjoy the jungle gyms.

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