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As summer comes to an end each year in our beloved region, we do in fact become upset about losing some of our favorite summer fun, but we always close out the season in an exciting and beautiful way. One of the things we love most about our area is the large variety of fun to be shared with our entire community and lovely visitors. This doesn't change during any season, especially late summer.

Pitch a tent

The Meacham Lake State Campground is located along the Olympic scenic byway and among some of the most breathtaking views in all of the Adirondacks. The campground sits right on the shore of the lake. For a fun-filled period of time, you can have your own piece of the action by picking your own campsite. One of our favorite things to do is sit by a campfire with hot cocoa, coffee, a cozy hoodie, and views of the fall foliage. The water at the lake is still warm enough to enjoy a late summer swim. Just be ready to layer back up when the air starts to get crisp again. 

Take a hike

Staying at Meacham Lake? Hike Debar Mountain. Staying in one of our other great lodging facilities? You can hike Debar Mountain or one of our other great hikes. Being located in the foothills of the Adirondacks, our hiking is just right for beginners or experts. Any member of your family will be able to take advantage of the views waiting for you around every corner.

Take a whack at it

The Malone Golf Club's two courses, the East Course and West Course, are known for their undulating fairways. The hills that surround the golf club are always blanketed by some of the season's earliest foliage. Fall golf in the Malone area is by far the best (and no, that isn't just our bias shining through). Find out for yourself.

Not a golfer? That's OK. The view from the deck that surrounds the Grille Room make it so anyone can enjoy a bite to eat along with the views of the surrounding area. Add a third component by critiquing the golfers finishing their rounds on the nearby greens.

Sneak peak views

You and your crew can rent your very own piece of paradise by staying in one of the beautiful chalets on the slopes of Titus Mountain Family Ski Center. Stroll along the trails and add a return trip to the mountain this winter. Start a fire in the stone fireplace, drink wine on the patio, enjoy some beautiful sunsets, and escape to this beautiful Malone getaway. In early October (we know that's not really late summer) the mountain comes alive with the annual Oktoberfest event. Staying at the chalets mean that you can walk to the lodge for the party and walk right back to nestle your head on a pillow. 

Get hooked on the views

Fall foliage hunting can be thrilling, that's for sure. Some of us enjoy taking in the views while participating in other activities. Fishing is fun for the entire family, and we have some of the best here in Malone. Try fishing the Salmon River, or head to a pond, lake, or stream, which are around every corner. This is a way to stay relaxed, drink your coffee, and hook some fish. Who will catch the best fish? Bring your crew to find out!

Fall for the falls

Who doesn't love a waterfall view? We know that we definitely do! The icing on the cake? Waterfalls and beautiful, vibrant autumn colors. The Chasm Falls and High Falls Chasm waterfalls are perfectly surrounded by rolling hills and wonderful trees that are just waiting to show off their surprises each fall. 

Come to the Malone region and find your own favorite spots, and make it an annual tradition. The fun of finding the perfect photo and creating lasting memories will draw you back to Malone the way the crisp fall air draws out the lovely colors each year.


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