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Roll the Dice

The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino and Resort is one of our favorite ways to spend a weekend. In fall, the casino trip down Route 37 is a way to get out and see the beautiful foliage of the countryside. In winter, the indoor fun and excitement warms up our inner-gambling selves. In spring, we stop in to be reminded of the beauty of the seasons by their decor. In summer, it's a perfect way to end the day after a fun round of golf. The point is, no matter the season this is a great place to come and enjoy our greater Malone area.

Start Your Day With A Kick

Cedars Coffee is the newest part of the resort. Here you can grab a Starbucks coffee made to your liking. They have snacks and juices that will kick-start your day in a way that will get the lucky juices flowing. We definitely like to fill up before we get going at our favorite slot machines and card tables. This is also a great way to warm up after a chilly drive during those crisp winter months. This time of year, we all love our pumpkin spice lattes.


Nothing beats the feeling of hearing that noise of success at the slot machines. Whether you win 40 cents or $40,000, the thrill of the win will always make you smile. The resort has machines with many different themes. Do you like game shows? There are plenty that resemble them. What about talk shows? They have those too. There are funny ones with little farm characters on them and some have cool, added games that make for an extra bonus of fun. Some of the more popular games are the Michael Jackson and Game of Thrones machines. They must be where you get the big bucks. 

Lunch Break?

The Harvest Cafe is just one of five different dining options at the resort. Stop in for lunch here and you will definitely not be hungry when you leave. This all-you-can-eat buffet has some of the best food for every member of your crew and their picky taste buds. Don't forget dessert on your way back to the dining room, although, with the sweet aroma that comes from them, we can bet you won't.

Gambling -- Phase Two 

The card games at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino are among the best. The dealers are truly professional and create a fun experience. From the quality of the tables to the new set of cards, there's an atmosphere of being in Las Vegas. The interraction between other players, yourself, your crew, and the dealers will have you feeling like a regular. Don't know how to play them? That's fine, too! The dealers are great teachers as well. Beginner's luck is always a fun aspect of this as well.

Dinner Time

Remember those five dining options that we mentioned before? Head on over to Stick's Sports Bar in the lobby of the resort to enjoy the game, a cold beer, and some delicious food. This sports-themed restaurant will help get you geared up for the rest of the fun that's ahead for the evening.

Check In

Get your room secured for later so you can rest your head on the pillows after a fun-filled day with your crew. But the fun shouldn't stop yet -- there is still a lot more to explore. What to do next? Keep reading and find out!

Wedding Celebrations

The ballroom/conference room at the resort is one big room that can be split into up to three rooms. This is a really cool way to bring your people to a beautiful resort and allow them to win some money of their own. Why not roll the dice at some games before you head to the party?


Have drinks delivered to you right at your seat while you gamble for discounted prices. Head to the Cascades Lounge and check out some of their specialty drinks at the bar. On a lucky night, you might be able to catch some live music, which happens there frequently.

The Next Day

The breakfast buffet at the restaurant, which goes along with the regular breakfast menu, is a great way to start the day. The French toast and bacon with maple syrup is definitely a great go-to if you aren't sure what to order.

It's Spa Time

Have a couple's massage, facial, or grab some beauty products at the Sweetgrass Spa, located in the hotel portion of the resort. The plush robes, lemon water, soothing music, and peaceful atmosphere will have you leaving with a feeling of zen.

Just Keep Swimming

Enjoy the hot tub and swimming pool area during the day as another way to relax, and think about the exciting times at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino and Resort. No matter the season, no matter your crew, you don't need a reason -- the resort is always an enjoyable experience.

While visiting Malone, why not check out an event and have a night out on the town? 

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