The Rise of The River Building

Author Phil Hans

All of us in Malone are excited about the construction of one particular building on Main Street. This building is now known as The River Building, located at 399 and 403 East Main Street. Thanks to two men -- known by their company MCM DevCo -- and their vision and entrepreneurial spirit, this building is undergoing a complete renovation.

Phase one of the remodel is complete! There are currently five apartment style rooms ready for visitors. When the owners of MCM DevCo spent more time visiting small businesses in the area, it became clear to the businesses that MCM wanted their help. Impressed by Malone's local talent, MCM DevCo hired Adirondack 1892 to furnish and decorate the apartments. If you've ever stopped by Adirondack 1892, you'd be impressed too.

It's clear that attention to detail is extremely important to MCM. They even hired Malone's Pouring Light Studios and Gallery to create clearly well crafted signage throughout the hallways.

With Valentine's Day coming up, this would make a nice place to stay with that special someone before heading out to Titus Mountain Family Ski Center to hit the slopes! The apartments overlook the beautiful Salmon River with a view that's sure to bring some peace to your stay. You can book your stay on Airbnb.

Phase two is currently underway but not quite ready yet. This summer a restaurant is slated to open in the building in addition to an events space, which will hold larger parties, especially good for those large groups of golfers. Keep yourself up to date with the progress of this massive renovation by visiting

While staying at The River Building, make sure to check out the dining in Malone and the local events.


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